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The Abusement Park

very painful to the eyes.

4/21/12 12:31 am

if we aren't connected on.. tumblr

hings are awesome, btw. 

1/17/12 02:16 pm - school starts today!

this proves I'm ready!
A scrub cannot spatially expand my horizons. A scrub is left in a class, never risin'. A scrub doesn't have the G's to please me, or bounce me from here to the coast of overseas. A scrub should be given the following to think about: A scrub's mind should be inundated with intentions to be turned out. A scrub's mind should not forget to focus on the picture of me, clearly displayed on digital tv screens. A scrub is unlikely to be able to satisfy my appetite with something spectacular. A scrub should shake his vernacular. I envision insatiable, with diamond-like precision.. and since a scrub is most often found in his friend's (Ford) Expedition, acquisition cannot be detected. A scrub (AKA: Mr. Big Willy) may really want to know if I'm a silly ho.. The person to ask that question to, is Chilli, aka Rozanda Thomas. She'll probably say: "Not really." A scrub should be warned that T-boz (AKA: Tionne Watkins) and my senoritas are stepping on his Filas, but due to poor genetics, a scrub probably cannot hear me. No.

12/13/11 01:59 am - Hi Livejournal!

End of year! 2011! No tragedies. No awfulness. No huge fuck ups! No serious disease. Started out the year at 280lbs and got down to.. 210lbs! I was feeling a bit dizzy at that point, and ended up diversifying my diet a bit, so now I'm a cool 220. I'm starting SCHOOL on January 14th! I'm taking a Marketing class, a Social Media class, Spanish, and GYM! So... Yay GYM!
I got full Pell grants and Stafford loans, so I'm going to be a rich bitch. Aside from a grand here and there when I was uhm.. slinging the dirt, I haven't had more than $400 since I quit the junk.. SO YAY! It's going to be nice to actually have a few bucks. :D

Otherwise, though, this year has been great.. I've established a nice social life for myself, go out once a week or so, and I've created a strong social media something or other. Klout score is high, and getting free shit left and right! :D Woo!
Ok anyhow, that's what's going on! This is the best, and normally functioning I've been in at least 8 years. :D

Also, enjoy this video I made Saturday night while I was SO DRUNK.

11/27/11 10:31 pm

my socks are icky.

11/13/11 02:42 am - ....

YEAH.. so there's this boy.....
or guy.. or whatevz.

11/10/11 09:27 pm


7/27/11 06:27 pm - woot

ok so it seems as if this has become a weight loss marking point. but yay OMFG 111 pounds have been lost. I'm 9 whole pounds overweight at this point. Wow.
I've shifted from Mr. half ass never follows through with anything, to Mr. Gets it Done. Holla. :D

6/22/11 09:15 am


5/30/11 08:38 pm

wooo! weight is in the 230's! stuff is going nicely otherwise. woo!

4/30/11 05:27 pm

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