school starts today!

this proves I'm ready!
A scrub cannot spatially expand my horizons. A scrub is left in a class, never risin'. A scrub doesn't have the G's to please me, or bounce me from here to the coast of overseas. A scrub should be given the following to think about: A scrub's mind should be inundated with intentions to be turned out. A scrub's mind should not forget to focus on the picture of me, clearly displayed on digital tv screens. A scrub is unlikely to be able to satisfy my appetite with something spectacular. A scrub should shake his vernacular. I envision insatiable, with diamond-like precision.. and since a scrub is most often found in his friend's (Ford) Expedition, acquisition cannot be detected. A scrub (AKA: Mr. Big Willy) may really want to know if I'm a silly ho.. The person to ask that question to, is Chilli, aka Rozanda Thomas. She'll probably say: "Not really." A scrub should be warned that T-boz (AKA: Tionne Watkins) and my senoritas are stepping on his Filas, but due to poor genetics, a scrub probably cannot hear me. No.

Hi Livejournal!

End of year! 2011! No tragedies. No awfulness. No huge fuck ups! No serious disease. Started out the year at 280lbs and got down to.. 210lbs! I was feeling a bit dizzy at that point, and ended up diversifying my diet a bit, so now I'm a cool 220. I'm starting SCHOOL on January 14th! I'm taking a Marketing class, a Social Media class, Spanish, and GYM! So... Yay GYM!
I got full Pell grants and Stafford loans, so I'm going to be a rich bitch. Aside from a grand here and there when I was uhm.. slinging the dirt, I haven't had more than $400 since I quit the junk.. SO YAY! It's going to be nice to actually have a few bucks. :D

Otherwise, though, this year has been great.. I've established a nice social life for myself, go out once a week or so, and I've created a strong social media something or other. Klout score is high, and getting free shit left and right! :D Woo!
Ok anyhow, that's what's going on! This is the best, and normally functioning I've been in at least 8 years. :D

Also, enjoy this video I made Saturday night while I was SO DRUNK.


ok so it seems as if this has become a weight loss marking point. but yay OMFG 111 pounds have been lost. I'm 9 whole pounds overweight at this point. Wow.
I've shifted from Mr. half ass never follows through with anything, to Mr. Gets it Done. Holla. :D